My parents didn’t talk about sex , until it was too late and I was left feeling it was wrong to do

Keywords: parenting

I never understood reasons why, only that God says not too and they did too. No one told me what was appropriate, but I knew darn well when I was mistreated and being used as an object, that it wasn’t right and it confused me about what sex is meant to be about. It seems the talk of sex is still taboo, but in this day and age there are so many things pulling them into the trap of sexual desire, and perversion. We as parents are responsible for teaching the real facts of life to our kids and the truth about what is acceptable and not. The fact is a lot of our world is broken and misguided. We need to pull up [our] big kid pants, be the adult and inform them. There is no hiding behind a screen, and just hoping someone will do the hard stuff for me and you. I hope and pray that God will protect all my children, and the fact that boys and girls are equally vulnerable is heart breaking.

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