I’m glad that my family is complete now

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My father left us when im still 3 or 4 to work in South Korea. I grow up with my mom and siblings only but still our communication with him didn’t fade we still contact him using Skype. Growing up without a father physically was kind of incomplete im envious with my cousin who has both of her parents with her but even if that is the case im still happy of how my mom raised us because she take care of me and my siblings with love. She is the greatest gift that was given to me and of course with my father who sacrifice being away with us in order to give us a good life.


She made ordinary moments extraordinary

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The farm belongs to my great-grandparents. It is 150 acres of pure bliss. Even though they have passed on, to me, the farm will always be theirs. My great-grandparents lived and raised six kids out there. Six kids who went on to have their own kids, who had their own kids, who had their own kids…


One of these balls has to drop, and the ball that drops is my family and my marriage

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That is not to say that things are dire over here. Everything is FINE. Better than fine, actually. Good. If I were to give it a grade I would give it a solid B. But I really don’t want to settle for “good.” I want dreamy. I want special.


We can’t wait to meet you little guy

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I had no preference on what we would have. I absolutely love dressing Analeigh up with her big bows and little outfits, so having another girl is perfect for me. Roland absolutely adores Analeigh and there is no question that she is a Daddy’s girl to the bone. When it comes to having a boy, this is my husband’s hope. He grew up loving football and has always wanted a boy to connect with. I would love a boy aswell! Maybe because he might be a momma’s boy? When it comes down to it, we just pray that our baby is healthy and happy!