I’m happy to be a mother to both my children and make them my #1 priority in life and I’ll continue to drop everything for my children and make sure they have everything they need and succeed

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Trent and I missed out on our daughter first walking, our daughter first talking etc. And you can never get those moments back – but to continue on and be the best parent/parents you can be to your children and realize the mistakes you’ve made previously.


The families where silence is a norm are the most unhappy

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I want to have my own children and I am sure somewhere many want them too. I want my own family. We all want to make a better job when having our own families than our parents did. Do you want to behave 100% like your dad? Do you really want to be a copy of your mom? The tough job has to be done before engaging in relationships because unsaid things affect marriages, children, lives. It is not fair towards the future generations for the trauma to be passed on by us. By denying our own freedom we deny it to our future lover and children. We can’t progress inside a relationship more than we did in our family of origin. When at the family dinner the soup of silence will be replaced with a glass of freedom of speech, the table will change. There might be a few earthquakes and attempts to resist the change. But if the effort leads to replacing an old menu which made everyone sick inside, it’s worth skipping that darn soup. You’ve been eating it for far too long anyway.


What was my role in their lives now that they were all grown up?

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I had this need to “connect” with them.  My approach as a “friend” was usually met with dubiety.  When I tried to counsel my children the reaction was mixed.  If my timing was right it went pretty well.  If not, it was unpleasant at best.  The teacher?  That was a real problem.  I somehow got it in my head that I was there to teach them a lesson.  One night my daughter told me she was going to a friends house.  She eventually told me she’d been with a boy.  I got very upset and called her a liar.  She got very upset and stormed out of the house.  I figured she needed to understand that lying was wrong.  What I failed to understand, but she later explained to me, was, she told me a fib to avoid the inevitable questioning, probing, teasing that she may have had to endure if she’d told me where she really was going. She was probably right. 


When students come to see me who are feeling so frustrated with people and situations beyond their control, I ask them to take a deep breath and explain how they are feeling

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I also see myself getting very angry lately. And that is the hardest part for me. I can see and read too much about what other people are doing and I feel frustrated, hurt and honestly jealous sometimes. But then I remind myself that I need to take a deep breath and practice a little more empathy. It’s what I wish those people would do for us so I will choose to do it for them. Does that mean I agree with what some other people are choosing right now? No. But it does mean I will actively try to put myself in their shoes and let go of taking things so personally.


When you’re free and open, with an absence of neediness, you’re able to experience life, family, friendships and love with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation

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It’s your job to show-up for yourself, know who you are, what you want, what you need, and be aware when you’re off course.


I have been blessed with an unprecedented opportunity to connect more deeply with my daughter

I had planned to spend our eight weeks abroad entirely outside, immersed in nature, and (thanks partly to the unseasonably good weather) we have managed to do this. I haven’t had such a good tan in years! And now that the restrictions are easing a little I am exploring our little corner of the world with a fine toothed comb, and realising with a new appreciation just how lucky we are to live here. Far reaching views permeated by the primary hues of spring and intimate encounters with wildlife have exceeded all my expectations,


I wish that someday, somewhere, we’ll be able to understand each other as father and son

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I go to the store and I see that fathers and their sons are able to connect well or their mothers connect well with their daughters. For me, I don’t know if I have that with my dad. I feel like that connection doesn’t work out at all. I don’t know why anymore. For the longest time, I strived to understanding what it means to connect with my dad. He’s tech savvy and I’m not that tech savvy. I know enough to understand how computers work and a little extra, but not as much as he does. What he talks about on a day to day basis just doesn’t interest me but it does to him. We’re like polar opposites and I hate that.


I’ve found a way to turn off those kind of feelings for people who have really hurt me and get to a place where I can care about them, wish them the best, but they no longer make me cry

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I am worthy of being loved and some day I will have those relationships in my life, I just have to wait for them and be patient.