The pain Of Expressing Our Needs Versus Not Expressing Our Needs

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Most of us has not t been taught on how to express  our  needs also most of us has never been taught to think in terms of our needs , I can recall many  time that i think a friend or my mom should  automatically  understand my  needs and  when she  doesnt  i have a build of anger compounded inside me .  .

As i started learning how to communicate , things get  easier thou im a very direct person in term of saying what i need but this time around without violent . Most times  when we talk about what we need rather than want , we tend to get what  we want . There is a huge different between  needs and making a request .

We need to express what we need rather than talking about what is wrong .  , and the moment we do that …

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Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Social Anxiety and Putting Myself Out There

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Serendipity & Such

I wanted to be a social butterfly, but I was honestly more of a social moth.

By nature, I’ve never really been a fan of people. I don’t want to say I ‘dislike’ or ‘hate’ people, but I’m definitely an introvert that values my solitude. It’s funny to say that, given how talkative I was as a kid. So much so that I didn’t realize that sometimes I would really annoy or bother people (namely my older sister). So rather than a social butterfly, I guess you could say I was a social moth. I was friendly and talkative to the point that I was just overbearing and hard to tolerate. Eventually, I became more concerned with being a burden to someone or annoying them. But instead of finding a proper balance, I ultimately just solved the problem by not initiating conversation with people at all. Even if someone did…

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Romance Vs Social Media

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The Love List


Has social media led to the downfall of romantic gestures? Instead of sending flowers we send DM’s and instead of writing someone a heartfelt note, we comment fire emojis under the selfie we like the look of … doesn’t scream romance to me!

Where can we expect our meet cute to happen if we’re all so scared of approaching people in real life?

Meet Cute: a scene in which the two people who will form a future romantic couple meet for the first time.

‘Playing’ Tinder is our latest boredom buster. One of the many dating apps we forget about until we realise we haven’t had any easily accessible attention for a while. We post half naked pictures onto our Instagram feeds because we revel in the fleeting appreciation we get from random strangers. Most of us leave our profiles on public because we enjoy being seen by others. But…

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I really don’t mind

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Alina’s Blog

I don’t mind being alone.

I don’t mind sitting here writing and watching Doctor who specials.

I don’t mind cooking for myself.

What I dread? Is tomorrow when everyone is going to ask what I did, who I saw, did I have a good holiday?

What do I say?

How do I not be rude and avoid the pity?

I really don’t mind today.

I am dreading tomorrow.

My family knows where I am.

My friends know where I am.

No one wants to invite me over because I have to bring my own food. I would be a third wheel.

So no I really don’t mind at all, being alone. I am dreading tomorrow.

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…?

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Beyond Fear.

For one reason or another, I can’t seem to stop replaying different moments of my last relationship in my head. And no, it’s not because I’m still in love with him; I think part of it is boredom with my endless mountains of work and the enjoyment of such deep and perplexing thoughts (only slight sarcasm intended there).

It’s also more because I’m trying to understand where it all went so awfully wrong, why it was never right to begin with, and why we couldn’t ever seem to get all our dysfunctions straightened out. I’m telling myself it’s to help avoid these sorts of issues with my new boyfriend, or any other future partners, but I think part of it is just a certain morbid fascination with the dissection of my own petty existence.

Anyway, the moment I’m fixating on at this second is the moment he told me he…

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Sisterly Bond

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Growing up and being the youngest child of 3 meant my older sisters were always a lot closer to each other. My eldest sister is 6 years older, my second sister is 4 years. So I definitely was the ‘annoying younger sister’.

Over the years, we have all gotten older (yes that’s how the world works haha) and have grown closer together.

My eldest sister and I took the longest. In saying that 6 years is an age gap. It wasn’t until we were sitting on my dads couch (about 2 years ago now), talking about our childhood that we connected. She apologised for all the horrible sister things she had done to me and we spoke like actually sister do. (I had never had a real conversation with her before this.We were always just hi! Bye!) Now we can talk on the phone for an hour without running out…

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