Can we just decide to step outside of our comfort zones, together?

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When I got married I subscribed, unknowingly, to choosing to take a back seat. Nobody forced it on me, I did it to myself. I somehow became a different person to the personality I had been known for. And no, not because of husband. Maybe because of society, and the image they force on you to be “as a wife”.

Minding your business is free

10,000 hours

Listen. I am not exaggerating when I say I have wild kids. Listen to any episode of Sharts and Giggles on the internet, and see that my kids are about two degrees below hers. One has ADHD. One feeds off the one with ADHD. And the baby finds the loudest thing he can do and scream-giggles while doing it. Wild.

For my own sanity, I am a hands-off parent. If they’re not hurting anyone nor destroying property, I let them play. Maybe it annoys people, I don’t care. I’m rarely out of the house, so people can deal.

So today of all days. When I barely slept, had to get three kids out in below freezing weather, and barely made it out the door is the day a bitch wants to try me.

Within five minutes of walking through the door, she is telling my kids to sit down and…

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Happy or Right

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Ritual de lo Predictable

read this old article in Psychology Today
entitled: “Would
you rather be right or would you rather be happy

which discusses control and how you can be a slave to this need to control
things. It hurts you as well as those around you. It also includes a citation
from The Tao Te Ching, verses
which I will paraphrase here:

Being in control is like trying to
take the master craftsman’s place: You take up his tools, you’ll probably get cut.


Trying to control things is bad,
yes; and hurting others, even if unintentional, is bad, too—Of Course. But my problem, with the article at least,
is that the narrative running through the text is about a husband who wants to be right and a wife who will
not back down. He is the heavy in this situation, illustrated perfectly by
their going…

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